Financial Pressures Putting Drivers Off Car Servicing

Financial Pressures Putting Drivers Off Car Servicing


A recent survey of 10,000 participants by BookMyGarage found a third of drivers had put off having their car serviced because of financial pressure caused by the pandemic.

The survey also found:

  • 29% delayed their service because they hadn’t driven their vehicle much during lockdown
  • Additional work needed in July rose from 25% to 48%, compared to the previous year
  • 47% claimed they were concerned about the safety of their vehicle
  • 38% were comfortable doing maintenance work on their car themselves

Drivers who made use of the government’s MOT exemption are now returning to garages resulting in demand for tests rising by over 50% in October, with previously exempt drivers clashing with those whose tests would normally be due.

The DVSA predicted garages across the country will see demand start to peak during September and double the number of tests in October and November.

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