Motorists change driving habits due to cost of living

Motorists change driving habits due to cost of living


The cost-of-living crisis is having an enormous impact on the way many of us live our lives. A recent survey by Kwik Fit found that the way we drive is no exception. Of the 2,000 surveyed, 69% said they had significantly changed the way they drive since the beginning of the year. 

Here’s what they’ve changed: 

Fewer journeys 

To make a saving on fuel costs, drivers are significantly reducing the number of journeys they make in their vehicles. 35% of drivers said they had cut down on the number of journeys they make.  

40% of petrol drivers had cut down since the start of 2022, with only 22% of electric and hybrid drivers cutting down. 

Changing their vehicle 

Electric and hybrid vehicles are well-known to be cheaper to run. This survey found that of the electric and hybrid owners 17% had switched from a vehicle using an internal combustion engine to keep costs down, whilst 4% had sold their vehicle without replacing it. 

Driving less aggressively 

21% of drivers said they now drive more smoothly and try to avoid harsh braking and 14% were now driving slower than they were at the start of the year to conserve fuel. 

Better car maintenance 

It was discovered 1 in 10 motorists were now regularly checking their tire pressure and 11% had taken unnecessary items from their vehicle in a bid to make it lighter on the road. 

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