Team Bumper attend Motortec Madrid 2022

Team Bumper attend Motortec Madrid 2022


Team Bumper attended the first Motortec Madrid 2022 event following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The event, held annually, is one of the largest Automotive industry events in Europe. Described as a space for industry experts and innovators to exchange knowledge and best practices, Motortec sees over 700 companies exhibit annually.  

Across four days, Bumper showcased their interest-free monthly payments for aftersales invoices. A digital solution that allows customers at dealerships and garages to apply for finance in just a few clicks.

Co-founder, Jack Allman said, "Motortec Madrid marks the start of Bumper's expansion into the Spanish market. With a widely established presence in the UK and a recent launch into Germany, we're in a strong position to expand in Spain.

“Our talented and experienced sales team are engaging with dealerships and garages here in Spain about how Bumper can drive increased sales volume and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction”.

Team Bumper received an exciting reaction to their innovative solution at Motortec and have secured many connections to propel them further into the Spanish market. 

About Bumper

Founded in 2013, Bumper provides an interest-free digital payment platform for vehicle repairs and services, enabling owners to spread their costs. It also delivers an instalment financing solution using proprietary AI enabled technology to facilitate real-time lending decisions.

Bumper enables dealerships and garages to sell a larger proportion of red and amber work, reducing workshop downtime, with no risks or liabilities, while also creating greater customer loyalty.

Named 21st fastest growing fintech in the 2022 FT1000 rankings of Europe’s fastest growing companies, Bumper works with over 3,000 dealerships and garages across the UK and Republic of Ireland, helping over 160,000 drivers to fund their servicing and repair bills.

Bumper operates from the UK, Spain and Germany.

For more information on how Bumper can grow your aftersales volume contact our sales team at sales@bumper.co.uk. 

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*By using Bumper, you are taking out a form of credit. You must be 18+ & a UK resident to apply. There are no fees, no interest or additional charges, however missed payments may incur a £12 administration fee and may impact your credit score. In extreme cases, recovering missed payments may include using a responsible debt collection agency, or as a last resort, taking legal action. Bumper’s instalment credit products are not regulated by the FCA.