Bumper Calculator Widget


For the calculator to work, the iframe embed code must be generated correctly and placed on the desired HTML of the web page. Once implemented, it would be very hard to break the calculator. As the calculator is inside an iframe, it does not conflict with anything on the target web page.

To get the iframe code, please follow these steps:

  • Add necessary products (there should be at least one)

  • Fill in the other fields and click Generate Calculator Script

  • Copy the script by clicking the icon on the right hand side

  • Paste it to the target HTML of the web page. It should be inside body tags.

    If there is any error on the configuration of the calculator, the something went wrong text will be displayed instead.


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Pre-approval button wont appear if this field is empty (e.g https://www.bumper.co.uk/affiliate/customer/111111)