Three tips to improve your winter service offering

Three tips to improve your winter service offering


With the cold weather well and truly here, many motorists will be considering a winter service. This is not surprising, especially when you consider the findings of a recent study which revealed 28% of car accidents occur in the winter and two-thirds of motorists are anxious when driving in the snow. This peak in accidents and the concern that many drivers have during the winter generates a need to ensure the safety and efficiency of vehicles on the road. Offering a winter service, however, can be difficult in an increasingly competitive market, especially at a time of the year when many customers may be strapped for cash in the run-up to Christmas. Here are some quick tips for making the most of the opportunity...

Send reminders

Starting early is vital when attracting winter service customers. Vehicle servicing is not an immediate priority for many people so some form of advertising or direct marketing is crucial to gaining business. Whether it is through flyers, online or email, advising customers on the importance of a winter service check is the first step in gaining their business. The timing of the campaign is key too. Reminding customers too early - when the sun is shining and winter feels far away - won't gain much attention, but on the flip side, telling customers halfway through winter makes the purpose of the service redundant.

Offering a full vehicle health check

Incorporating an electronic vehicle health check into a winter service can be a great way to encourage more customers to your dealership. An eVHC is a comprehensive service, which not only checks for winter hazards but also serves as an in-depth report on any work that needs carrying out on the vehicle. eVHC software, such as BTC's AutoVHC, helps to record and highlight the specific issues, with an emphasis on transparency for the customer and an accurate urgency system - red (critical) and amber (medium-term) issues. This overt method of performing checks on a vehicle shows the customer that you are fully aware of any problems and instils trust in the service provided.

Make it easy for customers to pay

One of the most significant barriers that motorists have to consider when undergoing a winter service is how to pay for it. Whether it's changing tyres, replacing a battery or fitting new headlights, the cost soon mounts. With Christmas coinciding with the optimal time for a winter service, many customers are restrained by strict budgets and cannot afford a lump sum payment on their vehicle. Giving customers a flexible payment plan breaks down the barrier that stops many motorists from having extra work done to their vehicles. Though incentives can be very helpful in gaining business, if a customer does not have the money to pay the full amount upfront - small discounts cannot persuade them otherwise. Using a finance method makes it as easy as possible for the customer to pay in stages that they can afford with no loss for your dealership.

If you are interested in a financing solution that can boost sales and build customer loyalty, take a look at our website or make an enquiry.

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