Celebrating the best garages in the UK

Celebrating the best garages in the UK


Bumper are thrilled to be an official sponsor of the Garage Awards - WhoCanFixMyCar.com's inaugural celebration of outstanding customer service and workmanship from organisations including global automotive brands and owner-operated mobile technicians.

Devised in recognition of the best-performing businesses on the price-comparison platform, the Garage Awards will see independent and franchised workshops being acknowledged for their success, technical skill and commitment to customer service and excellence in the automotive aftersales sector.

In December, WhoCanFixMyCar.com announced all 17 winners, basing their selections on key metrics such as the number of maintenance and repair jobs won via the platform and quality of customer feedback generated. IN'n'OUT Centres have been named 'Best National Group' while KAM Servicing receive the award for 'Best Regional Group'.

A special 'Hall of Fame' accolade (Bumper's chosen sponsor category) has been awarded to Auto Solutions East Kilbride for its completion of over 700 jobs within a two-year period, making it the best performing garage on WhoCanFixMyCar.com. As noted by the platform, the garage offers "a perfect example of how to run a business with new technology at its heart".

Auto Solutions EK's excellent performance was boosted by their decision to offer our interest free payment plans to enable motorists to manage costs more effectively. Speaking to WhoCanFixMyCar.com, Garage Manager Nathan Kelly said: "Bumper offer a brilliant service which has helped our garage to secure high value work. Our customers can now easily afford to pay for their bigger repairs as Bumper allow then to split the cost into manageable payments.

"We secured over 30 jobs using the service in a matter of weeks and we're confident of winning much more work in the future. Bumper and WhoCanFixMyCar.com are offering Auto Solutions EK, and our customers, a brilliant service so everybody wins".

A ceremony to celebrate the winners will take place in Birmingham next month.

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