'893,461,500 hours and counting' - how the search for a cheaper deal takes its toll on motorists' time

'893,461,500 hours and counting' - how the search for a cheaper deal takes its toll on motorists' time


According to a recent survey, UK car owners collectively spend a staggering 37 million days per year looking for a garage or mechanic to fix their car. As reported by AM Online, it seems male drivers are the greatest deliberators with 16% of those surveyed taking a whole day (8+ hours) to book their car into a garage. A significant percentage even admitted to having taken time off work in order to arrange car repairs. Interestingly, less than a quarter of motorists are likely to accept a single quote for work needed, meaning that over 75% spend time researching multiple mechanics, many of which reside in the independent / fast-fit sector.

What is the cause of so much deliberation when it comes to car repairs? Alongside availability and reputation, it comes as no surprise to learn that price is a main area of consideration for consumers. For example, when faced with repair work many motorists will shop around because they're struggling financially and need to find the cheapest (though not necessarily the best) option. We recently blogged about the claim that younger drivers are being priced off the road and it's interesting to note here that, according to the survey, those in the 18-24 year old age group were most likely to shop around.

Then there's the 'out of warranty' conundrum; as discussed in a previous blog, many drivers subscribe to the belief that, for a vehicle over three years old and out of warranty, repairs will cost considerably more if arranged through a main dealership. Drivers will often dismiss the option of using their dealership without even checking their prices. Either way, in their search for the most affordable deal, consumers have to spend copious amounts of time locating garages and comparing prices, the outcome of which often sees main dealer workshops losing out on work.

Arguably there will always be a proportion of motorists who prefer to spend time 'shopping around', but for the average car owner, the laborious search for an affordable option comes from necessity rather than preference. Surely there's a better way of spending those 37 million days?!

Aftersales finance could offer a solution here in terms of removing one of the barriers that prompts customers to begin thinking of taking their business elsewhere. By presenting motorists with the option to spread the cost of repairs -interest free- dealers can eliminate the large bill that has to be paid up-front and may lead to the customer deciding to look elsewhere. Through payment plans, financial outlay is made more manageable and there is no compromise on the quality of work.

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