How much does a clutch replacement cost in the UK ?

How much does a clutch replacement cost in the UK ?


The clutch is an essential part of your vehicle. They’re a fairly durable component, however they aren’t completely resistant to wear and tear and will eventually need replacing.

The average petrol car can run for around 60,000 miles before a replacement is needed. Clutch replacements can be time-consuming for mechanics and costly for drivers.

How much does a new clutch cost?

Not all vehicles can be fitted with the same clutch, so prices may vary between different makes and models.

The average cost of a clutch in the UK is £454.55, but prices range from £300 to £700.

You may want to consider using an approved manufacturer’s garage for your vehicle, to ensure the correct clutch is fitted for your car.

What does a clutch do and why does it need replacing?

When the clutch pedal is pressed down, the clutch disengages the connection between the wheels and engine -allowing for a smooth gear change. As the engine is continuously running but the wheels are not, the break in connection is necessary for slowing down and stopping the vehicle.

How do you know whether your clutch needs replacing?

There are a number of factors that indicate your clutch might need repairing, these include:

  • Spongy pedal - A worn down clutch will make your pedal feel spongy to press down on
  • Burning smell – Too much friction caused by a worn-down clutch can result in a burning smell
  • Trouble changing gears – Difficulty changing gears could mean your clutch is struggling to engage
  • High biting point – As a clutch wears down the biting point will get higher

If you’re unsure or suspect your car is experiencing one of the above issues, it’s strongly advised that you arrange for an approved mechanic to inspect your vehicle.

Failure to act could cause danger to yourself and your passengers, and will usually result in a more costly bill further down the line.

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