Service Advisor Of The Month: Nothing’s Too Much For The Hutch

Service Advisor Of The Month: Nothing’s Too Much For The Hutch


Bumper are pleased to announce the service advisor of the month award for May goes to Sarah from Bristol Street Ford in Durham!

Sarah has consistently stayed atop the leader board over the last few months and has helped over 160 customers drive away happier and safer since joining Bumper in July last year.

Along with service manager, Wayne; advisors, Reece and Alex; Sarah is changing Ford Durham’s approach to aftersales by proactively offering a more flexible solution to customers. This has resulted in a higher number of drivers having essential work completed on their vehicles.

The site’s many happy customers have taken to Trustpilot to review the site.

“Easy experience, very helpful lady at the garage”

- Keith, visited Ford Durham and was offered Bumper

“Good MOT and service, was quick and effective, work done under warranty wherever possible. Customer service was excellent. I would definitely recommend”

- Keith, visited Ford Durham and was offered Bumper

“I did not know about this service with Bumper but I think it is a great addition to my Ford connection. I have owned Ford vehicles for many years, and this is an excellent add-on service of good value. I would definitely recommend it to any potential clients who wish to budget their servicing costs.”

- Charles, visited Ford Durham and was offered Bumper

Congratulations to Sarah on your award!

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