UK motorists collectively spend £3bn on tyre replacements

UK motorists collectively spend £3bn on tyre replacements


The research team at Bumper recently carried out a survey of 2,250 UK drivers over the age of 18 to find out how much they had spent on vehicle repairs in the last 12 months.

The survey found that 78% of drivers needed at least one tyre replacement over the past 12 months. The regions with the most replacements necessaries were:

  1. North West
  2. East Midlands
  3. South West
  4. East of England
  5. North East

The average cost of their replacements was £121. According to National Travel Survey there are approximately 35.9 million UK license holders, which means an estimated £3.4bn has been spent on tyres in the past year. 

When asked if the cost was more or less than expected, 38% found the cost was more than expected, 41% said it was as expected, and 21% found the repairs to be less than expected. 

Bumper, CEO and Co-Founder, James Jackson said, ‘When it comes to the cost of maintaining a vehicle, our minds often just go to well-known expenses like petrol, insurance and MOTs. This research highlights the real cost to drivers is tyre replacements, highlighting that drivers in the North West need their tyres replacing more than anywhere else in the UK. 

‘It’s really important to keep an eye on your tyres to increase their longevity, by regularly checking the tyre pressure and wheel alignment of your tyres, as well as by rotating tyres often. If an unexpected tyre replacement bill surprises you, you should be aware of the many different payment offers to help you manage the added expense, such as Bumper.’ 

About Bumper

Bumper is an interest-free payment option for repairs at garages and dealerships. Customers can apply online before their booking and get approved for up to £5,000*. 

To find out your maximum credit limit and see dependable garages in your area, enter your registration and postcode on the Bumper website.  

*The number of repayments, the amount of credit and the need for a deposit changes depending on the partner you choose, but it will always be interest-free! 

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